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Best Breweries on Oregon's Southern Coast

Friends Having Fun at Brewery

A delicious brew, a rich and satisfying lunch, live music, and a game of shuffleboard. It’s all waiting for you as a well deserved treat in and around Coos Bay, Oregon. Here are some of the best breweries on Oregon’s southern coast to visit and explore. Properly sample the wares, and please designate a driver for your beer tasting road [...]

Top Attractions on the Southern Oregon Coast for Families

Happy Family on the Beach

The Southern Oregon Coast is a wonderful place to raise an active and inquisitive family. The local ocean life and plants are respected, studied, and honored in area aquariums and at the University of Oregon’s marine biology research and teaching field station. Wildlife from around the world is cared for and presented to curious minds at [...]

Fun Things to Do on the Southern Oregon Coast this Winter

Whale Watching in Oregon

The Southern Oregon Coast is teeming with life in the winter. 20,000 gray whales pass through the coastal waters. Local nature lovers gather up and down the coast with binoculars in hand to witness the majesty of nature. Skiers and snowboarders migrate to the mountains to enjoy a long weekend on some of the best riding conditions in the [...]

Top Things to Do in Historic Old Town Bandon

Burlap Bag Full of Fresh Cranberries

Historic Old Town Bandon, Oregon is a wonderful gathering spot to enjoy local events. This is where the annual Cranberry Festival is held every September. Fun, exciting, and educational events are scheduled throughout the year. Old Town Bandon also features markets with local produce, local artisan booths, galleries, and fine dining. If you [...]

Best Places to Shop In & Around Bandon

Shopping Bags

There is a delightful shopping district nestled on the northern end of Bandon. The 10 square blocks along the Coquille River waterfront feature unique boutiques, gift shops, a toy store, art galleries, and a great book store. When you are ready to rest your feet and enjoy a meal, a cup of coffee, or a cold beer you won’t need to look too [...]

Fun Things To Do In Coos Bay This Fall

Mingus Park in Coos Bay, Oregon

There are a lot of wonderful things to enjoy on the Southern Oregon Coast. The ocean, the golf courses, and the bike trails will likely be part of your weekly routine. There are many other fun things to do including family-friendly 5K fun runs, art classes, art exhibits, museum yoga classes, and visits to a municipal park that may very well [...]

Best Places to Shop In & Around Coos Bay

Best Shops in Coos Bay

There are a lot of interesting shops to explore along the Southern Oregon Coast. First things first. You will need to properly outfit your kitchen with food and essentials when moving into your perfect Coos Bay home. Bring home the bounty of the earth, take a breath, fire up the burner and enjoy your favorite 100% organic omelet in style in [...]

Top Reasons to Move to Bandon Oregon

Bandon Beach

The natural surroundings of Bandon, Oregon play a significant role in the community. The neighborhoods have evolved to reflect a meditative and inspired communion with nature: both carefully harnessed and responsibly managed, and left to run its natural course in the wild. The people here enjoy playing a round of golf with the same passion [...]

Fun Things to Do in Bandon Oregon This Fall

Fall Foliage in Oregon

Bandon is teeming with life, natural beauty, and wonderful pastimes both old and new. The internationally acclaimed golf course brings in visitors from all over the world. Fall is a great time for golf, and you have six courses at the resort to choose from. When it’s time to pick the next activity, you can stop by the Punchbowl for an [...]

The Beauty of Bandon

Bandon, Oregon Coast

Noted real estate expert and Shark Tank TV star, Barbara Corcoran, has written: “Bandon is one of the last unspoiled and undiscovered coastal towns out West.” The air smells good, filled with the scents of nature; pungent and earthy; of the ocean and life as it was meant to [...]

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