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The Appeal of Beachfront Properties on the Southern Oregon Coast

View From Beachfront Property on Southern Oregon's Coast

Are you looking for a perfect place to live? How about a place with beautiful, scenic views of the Pacific Ocean and miles of sandy beaches? The Southern Oregon Coast is an ideal destination for anyone in search of peace, relaxation, nature, and recreational opportunities. If you’re looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of typical [...]

5 Benefits of Living in a Coastal Community

Southern Oregon Coast

Living in a coastal community in Southern Oregon can be an idyllic and exhilarating experience. The endless blue of the Pacific Ocean, combined with the eclectic communities that dot the coast, make this region a highly desirable place to call home. Here are 5 benefits of living in a coastal community (although there are so many [...]

Best Wildlife Watching Spots on the Southern Oregon Coast

Sea Lions on the Rocky Coast of Southern Oregon

The Southern Oregon Coast offers a fantastic opportunity to observe diverse and captivating wildlife in natural habitats. From the rugged cliffs and rocky shores to the picturesque dunes and marshlands, this breathtaking region has lots to offer wildlife enthusiasts. Discover some of the best wildlife watching spots on the Southern Oregon [...]

Top Fishing Spots on the Southern Oregon Coast

Discover the Best Places for Fishing on the Southern Oregon Coast, and Prepare for an Unforgettable Adventure!

The Southern Oregon Coast is a treasure trove for fishing enthusiasts. Featuring a diverse range of fish species, breathtaking scenery, and serene coastal towns, this region provides anglers with a memorable fishing experience. If [...]

The Best Coastal Towns to Visit in Southern Oregon

When it comes to coastal towns in Southern Oregon, there are many great places to live and visit. From quaint fishing villages to towns with new attractions, the Southern Oregon Coast is an amazing place to experience. Here are some of the best coastal towns in Southern Oregon, and who knows, you may even choose one of them as your next [...]

A Guide to Whale Watching on the Southern Oregon Coast

Whale in Oregon

Whale watching on the Southern Oregon Coast is an experience like no other. With its stunning coastal views, diverse marine life, and beautiful beaches, it's a destination not to be missed. Whether you're looking for majestic gray whales or the elusive Humpbacks, you'll see many beautiful whales on the [...]

Must-See Lighthouses on Oregon's Southern Coast

There are 11 lighthouses that remain on the Oregon Coast. The first lighthouse was built at the mouth of the Umpqua River in 1855. It was first lit in 1857. It warned sailors approaching the coastline for four years. It fell into the river in 1863. A new lighthouse was built in its place in 1892 and was lit in 1894. The newest addition to [...]

Best Breweries on Oregon's Southern Coast

Friends Having Fun at Brewery

A delicious brew, a rich and satisfying lunch, live music, and a game of shuffleboard. It’s all waiting for you as a well deserved treat in and around Coos Bay, Oregon. Here are some of the best breweries on Oregon’s southern coast to visit and explore. Properly sample the wares, and please designate a driver for your beer tasting road [...]

Top Attractions on the Southern Oregon Coast for Families

Happy Family on the Beach

The Southern Oregon Coast is a wonderful place to raise an active and inquisitive family. The local ocean life and plants are respected, studied, and honored in area aquariums and at the University of Oregon’s marine biology research and teaching field station. Wildlife from around the world is cared for and presented to curious minds at [...]

Fun Things to Do on the Southern Oregon Coast this Winter

Whale Watching in Oregon

The Southern Oregon Coast is teeming with life in the winter. 20,000 gray whales pass through the coastal waters. Local nature lovers gather up and down the coast with binoculars in hand to witness the majesty of nature. Skiers and snowboarders migrate to the mountains to enjoy a long weekend on some of the best riding conditions in the [...]

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