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What makes Bandon special?

Famed real estate guru and Shark Tank investor Barbara Corcoran wrote this in her book Nextville: "Bandon is one of the last unspoiled and undiscovered coastal villages out West.”  We agree.

The characteristic making Bandon special for most people is a refreshing sense of possibility for a lifestyle with greater peace of mind. There's a connection with Nature that calls elemental senses to the forefront, prompting a reevaluation of what’s truly important.

Most of you reading this have exciting, demanding, successful lives, and ones therefore inevitably filled with a measure of stress.  Bandon can be a retreat for you — an escape — from the cosmopolitan modernity of an overly complex, high-tech life with too many connections seeking immediate attention.

We live in a world that makes insistent, chaotic demands, and Bandon offers the opportunity to transform to an environment where time and space exist in a pleasing balance.

Possibly you’d like a quiet moment to feel in touch … with yourself, loved ones … at peace, to enjoy a spectacular sunset, for example. And that’s why people choose Bandon.  Here, urgencies of the moment imposed by the outside are sequestered away (at least temporarily).

There’s a sense of calm; walking the beach, watching the ocean, hiking forested trails, or drifting down a quiet river with a fishing rod in hand. There’s a clarity in the sound of the birds, a pungency to the scent of the sea and the fresh earthiness in the soil.

Bandon is a state of mind.




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