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SOLVE Oregon Beach Cleanup on Saturday


Oregon Governor Tom McCall (1967-1975) was one of the states greatest champions, instating the Bottle Bill, introducing urban growth boundaries, and creating the law that set in stone Governor Oswald Wests legacy of the public ownership of our beaches. In 1969, McCall also founded the Portland-based environmental non-profit organization Stop [...]


Dogs on the Beach: Proper Etiquette


For many of us, one of the great things about being at the beach is seeing the boundless joy of dogs as they dig in the sand, splash in the water, and run. This kind of running, mind you, is like no other. Free from concrete, car danger, and leashes, they run for the pure enjoyment of it: sometimes in a beeline towards nothing in particular, [...]


Bandon's Sea Stacks


Most people don't know the term "sea stacks," even in Bandon, but everyone knows of Bandon's most famous sea stack.

A beautiful and sad Native American legend tells the story of Bandons iconic Face Rock. According to the legend, Princess Ewanua was visiting the coast with her father, and after a celebratory potlatch while everyone slept, she [...]


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