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North Bend real estate Oregon


The seeds of gentrification are evident on the main thoroughfares and side streets of North Bend and Coos Bay — the coffee shops, new bakeries, the Farmer’s Market, a diversity of restaurants, the Coos Art Museum, renovations to the historic Egyptian Theatre, a shopping center planned for the waterfront — all are transforming an area that has struggled for decades.

The pioneering strivings from which the sister cities of Coos Bay and North Bend sprang from, live on today under the guise of new facades.

In the beginning, it was rugged individualists who came here seeking their space to log, fish and ranch. Boom towns in the early days, the area was rich with natural resources shipped on schooners to the burgeoning cities of San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and beyond.

The residual grittiness required by those tough jobs is still apparent today, as you walk through a town that is building-by-building transitioning to a new place in time. The industries that built the area have struggled mightily with a new economy and in a different world promising success but under different terms, as globalization and consolidation steer today’s world markets.

As the old economy fades, new industries are springing up and taking their place: tourism, call centers, health care, internet based services and consultancies, and transportation via one of the west coasts’ deepest maritime harbors, are staking a claim in the local economy’s evolving future.


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