Penny Allen

Penny Allen

Penny Allen

Senior Partner & Principal Broker

Early in our marriage, while David was embarking on a career as an attorney and our two sons were still young, I became involved and took on leadership roles in the PTA, Children’s Auxiliary, Junior League, YMCA, the United Way, and was elected to the board of the largest elementary school district in California. My involvement in educational issues was elevated to the state level when I was appointed to the State School Superintendent’s Advisory Board in Sacramento.

I also began a professional career in a boutique market research firm specializing in political consulting. Two years later I was VP and CFO. A year later I started my own consulting firm specializing in strategic planning and market research for large Southern Californian developers.

I became active in environmental issues, serving as the Governor’s appointee and chair of the State Coastal Conservancy for 14 years and on the State Coastal Commission for 2 years.

In 1988 I was invited to join the San Diego Rotary as one of the first woman members in a club of over 550 men. In 1998 I was elected the first woman president of the San Diego Rotary.

I’ve always enjoyed being involved and making things happen. I’m competitive, in a good way. I like to take charge; to excel and to achieve.

David and I have travelled all over the world, to some of the most fascinating places including Antarctica, the Arctic Circle, Africa, Bhutan, Nepal, India, China, Machu Picchu, the Galapagos, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Singapore and the far east and—of course—multiple trips throughout North America, the U.S. and Europe.

We fell in love with Bandon on a trip in 1990 and bought an oceanfront lot then. We built our home and moved here full-time in 2000. Since then I’ve taken on leadership positions in Bandon Rotary, the Chamber of Commerce, Bandon Showcase and the Bandon Planning Commission.

I’ve also been a top producing real estate broker since being first licensed in 2000. It’s a great business. I enjoy working with people, introducing them to the things we love about Bandon and the terrific community we have here.

Sure, it’s a small town, but David and I have always found challenging things to do, as well as interesting, welcoming people to be with. And for a town this size, there is a surprisingly wide array of terrific amenities. Here in Bandon, we’ve been able to have the life we always wanted, without having to compromise on the quality of community, or level of involvement we want to be part of. This is a great place to live!